What's Included

No point in wasting your time selecting dental bibs and bottle covers. We have already included those items plus many more! Each tray comes with a small kit to cover all your basic setup needs. Please see the items that come standard in every tray below.

  • 00. x1 banger tray / double banger tray
  • 01. x3 bottle cover
  • 02. x1 tongue depressor
  • 03. x2 alcohol prep pad
  • 04. x1 safety razor
  • 06. x2 germicidal wipe
  • 07. x2 plastic chord cover
  • 08. x2 dental bib
Banger TrayBanger TrayDouble Banger TrayDouble Banger Tray
Tray Contents

Want to customize it?

Grips & Tape

From foamy shapes to grippy tape.
Grips & Tape Addon


Pick your cover style.
Covers Addon

Glides & Aftercare

Lots of care for your liking.
Glides & Aftercare Addon


Special above par ones.
Glides & Aftercare Addon


Coming Soon.

Stencil Primer

Keep it all in place.
Stencil Primer Addon

Available Brands