Double Banger

$7.99 /per tray

The Double Banger tray gives you more! We designed this tray with twenty-four ink wells, two areas for glide, two rinse cups, a sponge, and an angled cradle for up to eight cartridges. The mirror image design lends itself well for both right handed and left handed artists. Just like the Banger we have surrounded the entire tray with a small trough to catch any drips or spills. Included with this tray comes all the essentials you need to get started.

Select this tray and along with the additional items of your choice for a complete setup. Another great option for traveling and the larger design allows for more options when building your custom setup. Once you build the Double Banger you go from managing multiple items to just one!

Banger Dimensions

What's Included

  • 00. x1 double banger tray
  • 01. x3 bottle cover
  • 02. x1 tongue depressor
  • 03. x2 alcohol prep pad
  • 04. x1 safety razor
  • 06. x2 germicidal wipe
  • 07. x2 plastic chord cover
  • 08. x2 dental bib
Banger TrayBanger TrayDouble Banger TrayDouble Banger Tray
Tray Contents
The Banger Tray
The Banger
Knocking out work? Choose the Banger! We have already included all the basics. You choose the rest!
$6.99 /per tray
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The Double Banger Tray
The Double Banger
Doing a larger tattoo or full color? Just like the Banger we have included all the basics. You choose the rest!
$7.99 /per tray
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