About Us

In the tattoo world, an inked masterpiece is reliant on the skills and talent of the artist, but an artist is nothing without their tools. Made for and by tattoo artists, Ghost custom set-up trays deliver quality products to meet the needs of tattoo industry professionals.

By way of Kentucky, Indiana and Florida, Bryan Kilby, Krist Karloff and Russell Van Schaick have come together and developed custom set-up trays with the artists’ needs in mind. Karloff and Van Schaick know the importance of ease and cost effectiveness when it comes to their work and Ghost custom set-up trays allows for a quick, easy and clean option.

Currently available in two sizes, customers can order standard kits, with the option of customizing their set-up with additional products of their liking to be wrapped and delivered in a functional tray. Ghost custom set-up trays make inventorying, physical set-up and disposal a breeze and are easy to pack for conventions or travel. The Ghost family puts artists first to facilitate their craft of which we have the utmost respect. works!